Friday, December 9, 2011

TAMPONS! And Other Quirky DIY Holiday Decor

This year, the Mr. and I will be house-sitting all through the holiday season, for an adorable black lab and a cat who seems pretty nice as long as you never make the mistake of rubbing his tummy.

Never again, Mr. Snuggles. Never again.

However, our house will still need to get into the festive spirit, since a) What kind of aspiring 1950's housewife would I be if I skipped out on decorating duty? and b) We'll be hosting a party a few days after Christmas, and I'd hate for everyone to think we just kept things the SAME all the time (the horror!). Yet without being home for much of December, we can't justify buying a tree -- thus, goodbye to my Honeymooner's Christmas Eve episode reenactment, at least this year.

Instead, I'm going to do something fresh and original this year, something homemade, something non-traditional. Yes, I am going to put those six years of art school to work!

Luckily, I'm not alone in this quest - I have the Internet to help me figure out just what to do. And lo and behold, when I search for "non-traditional Christmas decorations," what to my wondering eyes should appear but!

Yes, tampon crafts. And though this is not my first encounter with tampons as an art material, it is the first time I have seen them used in such a non-serious, fun, craftsy way. I give you, the Tampon Silver Bell Ornament and the Tampon Snowflake Tree-topper:

Hear them ring . . .

Great for school art projects, too!

And of course, for those wishing to depict the world's most famous, least hygenic delivery room, there is the Tampon Nativity Scene, complete with a Tampon Angel.

There are so many things in this picture that make me happy.

Of course, it's not all decorations -- there are some great gift ideas, too! From Tampon Viagra Cufflinks to a Tampon iPad for the Apple fan on your list, Tampon Crafts has gift options for everyone! But my personal favorite was a gift perfect for the young musician in your family: a Tampon Pan Flute.

What young faun wouldn't appreciate such a gift?

Mr. Tumnus could certainly use some cheering up - after a hard day's betrayal and all. . .

Next time on M.R.S. Degree, Mrs. takes on the challenges of a new job, extremely inconvenient transportation situations, and continues the search for her perfectly unique holiday decorations. If you have anything fun happening in your house for the holidays that you would like to share, whether it's your menorah collection that fills an entire room, the fake snow covering your floor that you thought would look so cool just like it did in the catalog but in real life just gets all over everything, your fantastic Kwanzaa smörgåsbord, or your atomic clock New Year's countdown, please post links to pictures of your inspired holiday-ness along with your comments below, and your pics will be featured in an upcoming post!

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