Monday, November 22, 2010

Got in the kitchen, baked myself a pie!

My father makes the best pies on earth. No, really, he does -- which means I will never be willing to show one of my sad excuses for pie in public until I get a lot better at baking them.

That said, for a first attempt this didn't turn out all bad.

Yes, that is a pie -- a Joy of Cooking, 9th Edition, crust, filling, everything-from-scratch peach pie at that! And since I've made this, I've gained some vital knowledge:

  • I need to get better at rolling pastry dough.
  • End of the season peaches will not be as flavorful in pie as earlier ones.
  • Must buy pastry brush for cream wash application on the crust!

That said, it was quite edible, and although next time I think I'll be using a more butter-based crust than a dominantly shortening-based crust, overall I give me an 8 for appearance, 6 for flavor -- and that's better than I was expecting, so overall I'm pleased.

Finally, one more picture, of the juicy crusty bits where the filling started to bubble out:

1 comment:

  1. Just discovered your blog! Loves it! For the record, the top crust on your pie is far prettier than anything I've made LOL. I think you will be much more pleased with the flavor when you try the butter-based crust, though--but if your recipe calls for salt in the crust you will want to cut back on it a bit with the butter (since even unsalted butter can have a somewhat saltier flavor than shortening). Hope all is well!