Thursday, December 16, 2010

Adventures In Photoshop

I'm looking at YOU, Bratz Doll!
Ever since I saw this video, I've been dying to try my hand at some of the more "extreme" tools in Photoshop - particularly the infamous liquify. Now, I really feel like I'm betraying my team here, because generally I'm firmly on the anti-photoshop, please-give-me-as-close-to-reality-as-artistically-possible side of things when it comes to fashion advertisements, and whatever other places little girls get crazy ideas about what is beautiful . . . what could it be?

But I promise, the technological depravity is for a good cause -- I'll use Photoshop in an upcoming art project that addresses gender perceptions. Still, I need to get good enough first! Hence, as of today, I've started my practice sessions in "Extreme Photoshop Editing" (that's what they call it on the internets so it must be true!). I'm slow, but things are turning out (sorta).

Today's victim: a propaganda pic I took right after running down to the polls on election day (gotta document those voter stickers quick before they fall off!). I've styled it after the pin-up girls of Gil Elvgren (who happens to be the artist behind my profile pic and one of my favorite commercial artists of all time). He worked from real models, photographing them in the poses he wanted, then painting them with the classic idealized features: smaller waists, bigger busts, fuller mouths, and big exotic eyes. Often, they were in some variety of this pose:

That wringer is getting quite a view.
I mean, who wouldn't just happen to get their entire skirt stuck in a wringer? I know I would!

Now, remember, this is my first time, so don't mock me too harshly. Without further ado, ladies and gentleman and everyone else, I present to you "EXTREME ADVENTURES IN PHOTOSHOP, PART I: I Voted"

What do you think?

Yes, I know the edges look like crap.

Of course, the picture's out of focus, because I'm also still learning how to work a camera, but all things considered, I am damn happy with the result. Before I leave you, let's have one more bite of tasty Elvgren goodness:

Patriotism never looked so good.

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