Friday, July 1, 2011

Boobs on a Billboard!

Last semester, while driving to and from my music theory class at the local community college, I would pass what became a familiar sign: Two smirking men's faces, pasted on either side of two words in extremely large font: "NICE PAIR." Ah yes, the gorgeous wit that it my local talk 'news' radio station. Observe the sign:
There's something about it that makes me just want to slap someone . . .
Yes, that there would be two of the most irritating political commentators on the airwaves, Mr. Glenn Beck and Mr. Sean Hannity. And no, it's not that I don't like them because they're Republican or because Fox News provides them with an irresponsibly loud megaphone through which they can blast their utter cow pucky - although I do take issue with that second little detail (more on that some other time). In this particular moment, they are irritating me because they are the stars of a billboard advertisement that uses a pathetic sexist pun in order to pass itself off as clever.

Now, I'm not one to resist the tongue-in-cheek sexist jab -- in fact, I'm probably the first person to remark that I should get back in the kitchen and make Mr. a sandwich -- but I know what I'm doing when I make such jokes, and fully intend to be as ironic as a hipster on a fixed-gear going to an indie show in gold lamé pants. The difference here for me is (A) this 'joke' is out in the world, not in a private conversation, and (B) it's two guys' heads standing in for boobies (though while on that note, would it be any less obnoxious if it was two womens' heads standing in for boobies? Or even two BOOBIES? Discuss). Finally, it's irritating to me because that kind of humor, a pun on a cat call, is so very indicative of the kind of gender-typing that Fox is constantly committing. For easy reference, I turn to the Daily Show:

Gretchen Carlson's the Dumb One:

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Samantha Bee Covering the Influx of NILFs:

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There's more, dear reader, but I think you can get the idea --- or you can always take a note out of Gretchen's book and Google it!

Personally, I've had enough of Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity's snotty faces posing as a pair of tits, and I think it's time I do something about it. Paper-mac boob appliqués, anyone?

One last look at those fantastic mammary glands, people.

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