Thursday, July 14, 2011

Google PLUS

The Future.
I'm guessing that you've probably heard of Google at some point in your life -- and if you're a regular reader of this blog, you should have also heard of the very, very exciting Google+ -- that, though still in beta, has basically been released into the wild and has been very busy kicking ass and taking names (at least in my opinion -- check out Recap Attack over the next few days for an opposing take from my pal Amir). Here's why I'm on board:
  • FINALLY a way to set people's privacy that doesn't make me hate myself. Seriously, the Groups feature is fun, easy, and straightforward -- although I'm still waiting for Privacy A.I. to become part of my social networking experience. The day Social Networking Site X knows that any posts with swear words in them aren't intended for my mother will be a truly great day indeed (and will spare my !@#$%^&* keys from all the undeserved abuse).
  • It's PURTY. Facebook has nothing on the chic, modern design of G+, especially since Facebook clutters itself up with all those ads. Now, I'm sure Google+ will eventually add advertisements to its hallowed walls as well, but I'm hoping they have an algorithm smart enough to figure out that when I mark my relationship status as "married" it doesn't automatically mean I'm ready to start popping out babies or that I've already popped a couple out (Seriously, most annoying ads ever - and I'm pretty sure this is a nearly female-exclusive experience).
  • I love Google. Check the podcast if you don't believe me. Also I love that although Google does make some anti-user calls, generally I feel like their company politics are more in my corner -- and in a world where almost everything seems owned by unscrupulous people (hi, Rupert Murdoch Scandal, it always makes me feel good to be able to back someone who at least tries to not be evil.
  • As more and more people hop on board, G+ is becoming the fun-filled place Facebook was before Zynga came along -- only with a much more cleverly integrated toolbar in the form of the black bar now appearing at the top of nearly all of Google's sites. Being able to see notifications of all the cool stuff going on in Google+ without having to either clutter my inbox with notification emails or actually go to a different website is so very sexy to me.
All these things said, however, there are some definite issues in Google+ that I would like to see addressed:

  • The first thing is the lack of an ability to write on walls anywhere but the home page. I know this isn't Facebook, but let's face it, Facebook has been a tremendously world-shaping force these past few years and dang it, I just can't bring myself to learn a new behavior this late in the game! It's like Steve Jobs telling iPhone owners they were holding it wrong - you just don't do that! Or at least you don't if you don't want to look like a dick. Therefore, I propose a blatant ripping off of Facebook's idea and G+ creating their own wall post feature. It's already irrevocably linked to Facebook in the public's mind -- Google+ might as well accept their appearance as a duplicate product and wholeheartedly embrace the text boxes. 
  • The second is my throbbing desire to see Google+ and Gmail merge even more closely together -- I'm thinking your Google+ messages and regular email messages both show up in Gmail, but only the messages sent within G+ show up there, with syncing set up in between boxes so if I view a message in one place the computer marks it as seen in both.  I mean, anything to make my life as easy as possible so I can get back downstairs and make sure my pie doesn't burn.
  • The third has to do with my paranoia - great as Groups are, Google+ has included a public scrapbook album that comes with all the accounts, but there's no way to alter the privacy on that album! It's all public, all the time. And I was saying earlier today, I don't need any evidence of my weekend keg stand sessions making it onto the interwebbies.
So, since I'm a good citizen and always participate, I went ahead and emailed Google with my suggestions (Okay, Mr. made me do it).The auto reply assured me that they were too busy to write me back but that they would certainly take my suggestions into consideration. Phew! Good to know I'm listened to and deeply valued by Google during their production process.

Unfortunately, this office specialist is finding that she is feeling a bit exhausted after a hard day of making stuff happen, so until next time -- where we shall discuss chocolate bars and their magical, melted similarities to poo, why superhero movies are on the out and out for me, and how it feels to sell out as an artist and go get a "big girl job" -- Aufweidersehen, und Guten Nacht!

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  1. I agree completely with you. I especially love how well + can integrate with the rest of my life (since Google pretty much runs everything for me).